The Adjustable Upper Radiator Mounts are designed for use with our Tubular Front Cross Bar for the MK2. These mounts provide a full bolt in solution for mounting a MK3 VR6 radiator in a MK2. The mounts bolt to the factory hole locations in the MK2 rad support. The adjustable feature allows the rad to be tilted forward or backward to allow more room in the front for an inter cooler or more room in the back for fans.


Must have our MK2 Tubular Front Cross Bar


  • MK3 VR6

Rad support

  • VW MK2

Note: If you have done any body work to your rad support, please ensure the factory mounting holes for the rad are still present.

Adjustable Upper Radiator Mounts – MK2

SKU: 28-2000-1