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Manufactured exclusively to our demanding specifications by industry leader Magnaflow, our SportTuned Stainless Exhausts for Mk3 models achieve maximum horsepower with minimal expense. Autotech continues to raise the bar in Volkswagen exhaust tuning. System diameter is 2.5 inches for both 2.0L & VR6 models, resulting in smooth and unobstructed flow for peak horsepower without sacrificing the great low-end torque that makes a Volkswagen a much more rewarding car to drive. Repeated dyno testing using both 2.25 and 2.50 exhaust tubing yielded no measurable difference in low and mid-range torque, but the larger diameter tubing increases peak horsepower at higher rpms as expected. Magnaflow's all T304 rear mufflers provide a nice, mellow rumble at idle, with a growl at WOT that signifies that this exhaust means business!

All Mk3 systems feature dual 3 inch exhaust tips that are polished to a mirror-like finish. Our Autotech logo is then engraved by a CNC laser. The perfect look for the Mk3 series models. Supercharged or Turbocharged Mk3 2.0L owners: this is the exhaust for you. Our 2.5 inch tubing diameter will not restrict power like our competitor's puny 2.25 systems.

Dyno testing on a Dynojet 248C indicate gains of up to 9 wheel horsepower depending on application and state of tune with generous low and mid-range grunt to power you out of the corners. All Autotech SportTuned Stainless Steel Exhausts feature a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY to the original purchaser. Over 12 months in the making, Autotech's SportTuned Stainless Steel Exhaust systems are the pinnacle in performance and price. Now, you can have your cake and eat it too!

NOTE: Jetta systems will be a great deal quieter than Golf/GTI/Cabrio systems due to longer tailpipe length. Cabrio models will sound much louder in the cockpit since its a ragtop


SKU: 10-297-301K