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Of course, there are other 1.8T downpipes on the market, but we felt the others weren't good enough for us to sell. One of the main issues we have with other downpipes on the market is the catalytic convertor many use: a conventional ceramic substrate cat. VW hasn't used a ceramic cat for many, many years, and never used it on a VR6, G60, or 1.8T model...why? Because there's something better: a metal substrate cat.Metal cats flow incredibly well, because they have almost no frontal area (the area that the exhaust gas must pass by), compared to ceramic-based cats. Also, ceramic cats cannot hold a candle to a metal cat when subjected to the high temperatures that a turbo emits. Bottom line, you won't find a better catalyst than the one that's already on your VW. So why pay for a downpipe with a low-tech catalyst that is not emissions legal? Our high flow downpipe is a direct replacement for the front section of the stock downpipe. 

Fitment to your car requires that your stock catalyst be cut off the downpipe and welded to the SportTuned version. A very simple operation for most muffler shops and 100% legal. We include measurements for the process. Constructed entirely of T304 Stainless, our 2.5-inch SportTuned High Flow Downpipe is a street legal way to get a great power gain, especially on cars that have maxed out their bolt-on options and are still looking for more power. Gains on stock cars with stock exhausts are around 3-4 hp, but with a more boost and a bigger exhaust, gains can be much higher, as much as 10-15hp. Volkswagen Muffler Kit includes turbo to downpipe gasket. Features:CNC machined flange Englarged flange-to-flex transition Special OEM 2.5-inch flex coupler, made by the supplier to VW, for true OE durability.


SKU: 10-251-180K