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  • Easier Access to your DV
  • Elegant and simple design provides long term reliability
  • Lower Intake Air Temperatures
  • Designed in house at AWE Tuning
  • Perfect Fitment - Guaranteed


Why a diverter valve relocation?

In its stock location the 2.0T diverter valve is located low in the engine bay within the turbo housing. Our 2.0T DVR kit is designed to bring the diverter valve higher up in the engine bay, granting easier access for servicing and replacement.

Further, our kit is the only one of its kind that allows the factory diverter valve to be relocated while keeping the wiring unmodified.

But wait, there's less.

Using our relocation kit has the side benefit of reducing intake air temperatures. The factory diverter valve location directs hot, compressed air back into the inlet side of the turbo, resulting in higher intake air temperatures. Once relocated with the AWE Tuning relocation kit, the diverter valve vents cool air from after the intercooler back into the intake which results in lower intake air temps. Less hot air. 

Options are good.

We also offer a version of the kit that deletes our machined housing and adds our Diverter Valve Simulator plug-in, so other mechanical diverter valves can be installed.

Our included Diverter Valve adapter housing also allows any OEM or properly designed aftermarket DV to be used, which is a further cost savings for you. We recommend use of our 2.0T Mechanical Diverter Valve for ensured long term reliability.

Important Fitment Notes

This product is for TSI engines only, and is not compatible with OE FSI Intakes. This kit requires the use of your original equipment noise pipe parts. TSI engines came with noise pipes up until 2010, so as long as you didn't remove yours, you're good. 2011+ vehicles will need to acquire noise pipe hardware in order for this product to function. This product is designed for left-hand drive vehicles only.  

Fitment questions? We're on the other end of . 

AWE Performance Diverter Valve Kit for 2.0T TSI - With Simulator, No Housing

SKU: 2010-11022