Our TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit allows for an easy, bolt on installation of the AWE Tuning 2.0T S3 Front Mount Intercooler.

There is no guesswork with the AWE Tuning TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit. No hacking, no mess, just simple bolt on simplicity. 

The AWE Tuning TSI S3 FMIC Hoses were designed with longevity and performance in mind - constructed of high quality 4-ply Nomex lined silicone hoses. Superior strength, superior heat resistance. 

Note: For the smoothest possible flow transition, the ideal combination is a combination of the AWE Tuning TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit along with the AWE Tuning TSI Turbo Outlet Pipe. The combination of these two simple yet effective upgrades creates increased air volume and improved turbo response while delivering an even smoother pathway for air by eliminating the factory-style coupler.

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SKU: 4710-13010