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BSH brings you the strongest and most feature rich street performance motor mount kits available. Each component has been designed to accomplish rock solid performance while still maintaining the finesse of a daily driven street car.
Performance Features:
As we are sure you’ve noticed the factory motor mounts have a ton of give in them. Torque mount inserts are a good start but there is still another bushing left to give slop to the overall feel of the engine and weak stamped factory components to flex under load. Our billet mounts reduce the ability of the engine to flex back by strengthening the pieces intended to keep the engine in place. Once installed you will notice significantly less movement from engine under acceleration which will result in a better ability for the power you are making to be transmitted to the road.
After installation you will notice the following:

Significantly reduced engine movement.
More feedback from the engine
Greatly reduced wheel hop
More defined throttle input
Smoother shifts for both DSG and Manual cars

Fits all Audi/VW vehicles with transverse mount engines for model years 2009+This includes:TSI 2.0T2.5L3.2L3.6L

BSH 2009+ Pendulum Mount

SKU: 30307069