The complete package of all 3 BSH Billet Motor mounts. This is the ultimate drivetrain strengthening package for your street or track driven Audi/VW. Once installed you will have equipped yourself with the strongest set of parts you can buy and have set yourself up for all the power you can throw at it. These components have been aggressively track tested on our 519whp shop car so we can say with confidence that they are rivaled by none.
Performance Features:Our billet mounts reduce the ability of the engine to flex back by replacing the factory fluid fillled mounts wth street performance bushings and the billet bodies to hold them. This bushing set does a great job of limiting movement while still maintaining an acceptable level of comfort needed to be used on a daily driven street car. This both enhances the fun factor and performance of the car while eliminating the common problem of blowing out factory mounts on your higher powered setup.
BSH Engine Mount Package Lifetime Warranty.To further our commitment to customer service, BSH Speedshop is now offering a lifetime guarantee on all  billet components in the BSH Engine Mount Package (Excluding the Torque Mount Insert and bushings). Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page for complete details under the heading Engine Mounts. All other components will be guaranteed for life against manufacturer defect when subject to normal wear and tear conditions.Purchaser only pays shipping and handling.
After installation you will notice the following:

Significantly reduced engine movement.
More feedback from the engine
Greatly reduced wheel hop
More defined throttle input
Smoother shifts for both DSG and Manual cars

Product Features:

Billet Aluminum Bodies
Two piece base with compression fit stainless steel center shaft
BSH Proprietary Street Sport Bushings
Black anodized finish

Fitment:This kit will fit most Audi/VW vehicles with transveresely mounted 2.0T FSI and TSI engines.MKV GTI, GLI, Jetta 2.0t, EOSMKVI GTI, Jetta, Jetta Wagen, CC2.0TFor Passat or Passat wagons call or email BSH for fitment guide.

Engine Mount Package Includes:

BSH Engine Mount
BSH Transmission Mount
BSH Pendulum Mount *Includes Torque Mount Insert*
All Neccassary  Hardware

If you already have a BSH Catch Can please indicate above so we can add the correct bracket spacer to your order. If not check out our Catch Cans here, FSI Catch Cans, TSI Catch Cans.