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BSH is proud to bring you the only truly integrated charge pipe system. Featuring a reduction in bends and no diameter changes.This addition to your intercooler system will prevent added turbulence to the incoming air to the engine providing smoother power delivery and greater top end potential. Integrated into our throttle pipe system is our CNC machined *next generation* water methanol injection bung and an optional CNC machined BSH DV Relocation Kit bung. These options set you up to seamlessly integrate any and all options (including full noise pipe delete!) without needing to fabricate your own solutions.This TSI throttle pipe comes standard as a noise pipe delete option.If your interested in the BSH TSI DV Relocation Kit check it out here. Add the DV relocation bung now to upgrade to the DV relocation kit later, or order the DV relocation package now and save money. Includes: BSH Integrated Throttle Pipe BSH Silicone Hose Kit Methanol Bung block off plug Hose Clamps MAP Sensor Hardware Optional:DV Relocation bung and plug

BSH TSI 2.0T Integrated Throttle Pipe

SKU: 30307055