By adding our catch can system to your 2.0T TSI  you are protecting your stock or tuned motor from the drawbacks of blowby gasses entering your combustion chamber. As the TSI engine is both high compression and turbocharged, allowing volatile oil vapor access will reduce power across the rev range by making the engine substantially more prone to pre-ignition/detonation. Keep your timing up and a smile on your face by getting those gasses out of your engine. The BSH Catch Can is easily installed, and fully compatible with the factory engine cover and BSH Boost Tap. If you already have the BSH Engine Mount please select yes so we can ship with the correct bracket spacer. If not check out our Engine Mount here. Includes: BSH High Capacity Catch Can BSH PCV Adapters BSH Billet Manifold Cap BSH Billet Dip Stick Laser Cut Catch Can Bracket Integrated O-Ring Sealed Drain Oil and Heat Resistant O-Rings Retaining Hardware Push Lock Hose Fits: All US Spec Transverse 2.0T TSI VehiclesMost international 2.0T models. If you are out of the country and want to check fitment please email with International Catch Can Fitment as the subject.

BSH TSI Competition Catch Can

SKU: 30307006