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The lifeline of your engine is oil. Oil circulates through passages in your engine and lubricates moving parts, cutting down on friction. In order to keep this oil clean, it passes through a filter which removes harmful contaminants. The engine on the 1.8T and 2.0T generation 3 TSI turbo engine is equipped with a filter inside a fragile plastic housing. Each time you perform an oil change this housing needs to be removed. Unfortunately the plastic filter housing becomes brittle over time and often cracks during oil changes which are performed regularly. Constructed of billet aluminum, the USP Cool Flow housing is far stronger than the factory plastic housing. Not only is the Cool Flow housing stronger, but it also incorporates cooling fins to help cool engine oil as it passes through the filter and housing. 


Knowing how much oil is in your engine is also vital. Oil levels should be checked monthly on standard vehicles and weekly on modified vehicles. By checking your oil level you can insure your engine will last and operate properly. Unfortunately the factory oil dip stick on your Volkswagen or Audi is constructed of plastic. Since the dip stick is exposed to extreme temperatures in the engine bay, they deteriorate over time and crack. This leaves you unable to check your oil level and pieces of the factory oil dipstick can also fall into the engine oil. Well worry no more. This kit includes the USP Billet Aluminum Oil Dipstick.


Constructed of billet aluminum and a steel cable, the USP Dip Stick allows you to accurately check your engine oil levels without worrying about your dip stick crumbling like the factory dip stick. Purchase this kit and save 10% over purchasing the Oil Filter Housing Dip Stick separately. 


Installation of the oil filter housing and dip stick are straight forward and requires no special tools. This is a must have for every MK7 GTI, Golf, Golf R, Jetta, Audi A3, or Audi S3. 

Cool Flow Aluminum Oil Filter Housing and Dip Stick Combo For 1.8T and 2.0T Gen3

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