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Product Description

From the factory, Volkswagen unfortunately did not give the MK7 Golf a button to activate and deactive the Traction Control System (TCS). Fortunately, the vehicle does have the ability to turn it on and off, its just lacking the button (and a few other things to make it functional). If you want to give your MK7 Golf a button to turn on and off the traction control, USP has you covered. For your convenience, we put together a kit with all necessary parts for an easy installation of an ESP button like the GTI's have. The best part is, that the kit uses a factory VW button for a stock look.

There are several variations in the electrical system of the MK7 Golf. Please verify your vehicle has an electrical pin opposite slot #5 in step 12 of the installation instructions below.

Golf Traction Control Button Kit For MK7

SKU: 5212