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From the factory Volkswagen did not equip the MK6 Jetta sedan with a hood strut.  Up until now, Jetta owners were left to suffer opening their hoods.  The owner would need to lift almost all the weight of the hood and then place the hood prop in place in order to keep the hood open.

Well say good bye to heavy lifting and your hood prop! USP has designed a complete hood strut kit for the MK6 Jetta. Finally you can experience the ease and convenience of simply lifting your hood up and it staying up. No hood prop required. Simply pop your hood with the release inside your vehicle and lift up on the hood. The included hydraulic strut will assist the hood in opening, requiring less effort on your part. Once the hood is all the way open, the strut will keep the hood open. When it’s time to close your hood, simply push down on the hood firmly and the hood will close and lock.

Each component in the kit was designed with longevity and quality in mind. A combination of stainless steel and zinc plated hardware is used to avoid corrosion while powder coated CNC bent brackets offer a sturdy platform for the gas shock. The gas shock is a key component of the kit. USP worked very closely with a German tier one aerospace supplier to create a smooth operating shock that will perform in all conditions.

The USP hood strut kit is a complete kit with all components needed for installation. Basic hand tools are required and the installation can be performed in approximately 30 minutes following our step by step instructions. 

Hood Strut Kit For MK6 Jetta

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