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The FM Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit for the MK2 Platform is 100% bolt on and utilizes the factory MK2 pedal assembly. The hydraulic line and brake fluid hose runs through pre-existing holes in the lower part of the firewall near the brake booster. No cutting, no drilling, no swapping out pedal assemblies.



  • Powder Coated Mounting Bracket
  • Stainless Steel DOT Approved Hydraulic Line
  • All Mounting Hardware for installation of Bracket and Clutch Master.
  • PDF Install Guide – available for download at time of purchase or create an account at checkout and log in anytime to re download.


  • EPDM Brake Fluid Compatible Hose
  • Brake Fluid Reservoir – Plastic OEM Style
  • Clutch Master Cylinder Part #357721401 (Topran)

Clutch master is not included.


VW MK2 Golf/Jetta

Pedal Assembly

  • MK2 factory pedal assembly (Left Hand Drive Only)

Clutch Master

  • VW Clutch Master – Part No. 357721401

Clutch Slave (selection box above)

  • MK3 Clutch Slave (threaded connection)
  • MK4 Clutch Slave (o-ring style connection)

Select Clutch Slave Connection:Steel Clutch Slave (MK3)

                                                  O-Ring Plastic Clutch Slave (MK4) (+12.00)

Add Brake Fluid Compatible Hose? Add EPDM Hose (+15.00)

Add Plastic Brake Fluid Reservoir?Add Brake Fluid Reservoir (+35.00)

Add Clutch Master? Add Topran Clutch Master (+75.00)

Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit – VW MK2

SKU: 31-1000