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All New Re-Designed  Leyo Motorsport Blow Off Valve. 

Struggling with the OEM Turbo Valve? Need to add that unique boost pressure sound? Need more power from your factory fitted parts? Make sure to get your hands on Leyo Motorsports latest in-house designed blow off valve. Using the highest quality billet aluminium, our fully researched and developed blow off valve offers motoring enthusiasts the ultimate performance part for their Volkswagen or Audi vehicle. 

Featuring a hard coated anodized finish, small size, and lightweight construction, Leyo Motorsports blow off valves provide greater performance and efficiency through faster turbo spool-up from idle, along with reduced turbo lag between gear changes. The unique and fully tested internal piston compliments your turbo by offering a stronger, more durable and reliable blow off valve compared to the OEM unit.

Set yourself apart from the rest of the boosted crowd and get your vehicle the best automotive blow off valve available at Leyo Motorsport.

*This part is only for track racing vehicle and are not legal to use in any other motor vehicle under California Law.

LEYO Motorsport - Blow Off Valve (BOV)

SKU: L034B