The VW MK7/7.5 R truly comes alive with Leyo Motorsport Turboback Exhaust System.  Countless hours was spent searching for the perfect tone while maximizing performance and comfort in the cabin.  Made with 3”inch high grade stainless steel for long lasting corrosion free durability.  Leyo Motorsport specifically designed this exhaust system to incorporate the valve system found on the factory exhaust.  Our valves are controlled by the vehicle’s Drive Mode Selection.  With the valve closed, cruise comfortably while avoiding authorities on your daily commute or family drive. 


With the valve open, pedestrians will be expecting an exotic car to shoot down the street.  This is what the R should sound like coming out of the factory.

*This part is only for track racing vehicle and are not legal to use in any other motor vehicle under California Law.

LEYO Motorsport - MK7/7.5 R Catback Exhaust System

SKU: L723S