• Keep your MK2 k-frame, our mounts bolt right up to it
  • Creates clearance for the belts and water pump, no hammering, no cutting.
  • Engine fits flat and is more centered in the bay
  • No hunting for hard to find MK3 engine mounts or sub-frames
  • 100% bolt in to the MK2 chassis using MK2 parts
  • Increased strength and better handling for both mounts and axles

Purchase the FM MK2 VR6 Engine Swap Kit and enjoy all the benefits of the VR6 engine, with the highest quality manufacturing solution on the market. Quality manufacturing every time.

What’s Included

  • Block Mount
  • Transmission Mount
  • Tubular Front Cross Bar
  • Front Engine Mount
  • Polyurethane Bushings
  • Yellow Zinc Mounting Hardware
  • Axles with inner and outer CV`s
  • Axle gaskets and hardware
  • Admission to the Fabless Manufacturing VIP group on Facebook


  • Adjustable Upper VR6 Rad Mounting Tabs
  • Polyurethane Jack Pad
  • Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit – MK2
  • Tubular Control Arms – MK2
  • Stainless Steel Down Pipe (coming soon)


MK2 VW Golf/Jetta Chassis LHD and RHD compatible.

We have this product fit and tested in both a left hand drive North American car and a right hand drive European car.

VR6 Engines

  • 2.8L 12v
  • 2.8L 24v
  • 3.2L
  • 3.6L


  • 02A 5 speed
  • 02J 5 speed


  • MK3 VR6 radiator


This product is made, designed, fit and tested by Fabless Manufacturing in Canada. Over a year of Research and Development has gone into the design and fitment of this kit. It’s been a long time coming and we are excited to finally share this MK2 VR6 solution with you all.

Engine Mounts

The engine mounts are made out of steel and are TIG welded. The mounts come finished with black sandtex powder coat and feature polyurethane bushings and stainless steel bushing inserts. These mounts are heavy duty and can stand up to the job. The polyurethane bushings add stability, rigidity and handling while keeping driver comfort and minimizing vibration.

Tubular Front Cross Bar

Our Tubular Front Cross Bar adds strength and rigidity while still maintaining driver comfort. This item features an integrated jack point right under the front engine mount. The Polyurethane Jack Pad (Add-on) fits in the square cutout to protect the powder coat and prevent unnecessary scratches.


The axles and CV joints allow fitment between the 02A/02J transmission and MK2 factory 4-bolt spindles. The axles were designed for this application and are a custom length to compliment the centered engine position. They are corrosion resistant, heat treated and nitrated which makes our shafts durable and stronger than factory MK3 VR6 shafts. Mounting hardware, gaskets, boots, clamps and grease are included.

Additional Information

Compatible with MK2 8v control arms or our MK2 Tubular Control Arms for improved handling. Since we utilize the MK2 subframe you can also run factory sway bar.

You can run the hydraulic clutch seamlessly in your MK2 factory pedal assembly with our Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit.

Engine:2.8L 12v VR6

            2.8L 24v/3.2L/3.6L (+15.00)

Add Poly Jack Pad? Add Polyurethane Jack Pad (+18.00)

Add Upper Rad Mounts? Add Adjustable Rad Mounts (+38.00)


MK2 VR6 Engine Swap Kit – 2.8L/3.2L/3.6L

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