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USP is proud to offer the Spulen Blow Off Valve kit for the new 1.8T & 2.0T engines. From the factory, the 1.8T & 2.0T engines found in the MK7 GTI, Golf, Golf R, Audi A3, and S3 do not have mass air flow sensors (MAF). This gives the ability to run a conventional vent to atmosphere blow off valve rather than a recirculating diverter valve. If you have already installed the Spulen Turbo Outlet Pipe or Spulen Boost Pipes this kit is just for you. Included are the necessary components to add a blow off valve to your car. 




Factory diverter valve block off cup

Authentic HKS SQV4 blow off valve

Audible vent to atmosphere noise

No check engine light or fault codes.


The Spulen Blow Off Valve Kit is not just a simple replacement valve. In order to properly fit a blow off valve to these vehicles, several components were needed. Each component is outline below.


Block Off Cup

Starting at the turbo, a custom block off cup was designed to block off the factory diverter valve. The cup installs on the end of the factory diverter valve and blocks off the factory diverter valve passage. This insures no pressurized air will leak from the factory location. With the cup in place, the factory diverter valve remains in position and plugged in so no fault codes are triggered in the car’s computer (ECU).


Blow Off Valve

Several blow off valves were tested and ultimately the HKS Super Sequential 4 (SQV4) was chosen. The SQV4 was chosen because of its superior response time, ability to hold high boost, and its reliability. The SQV4 also provides a unique sound favored by many enthusiasts. 


Increases of up 10 wheel horsepower and 12 ft/lbs of torque when combined with the SPULEN throttle pipe. 

SPULEN Blow Off Valve Kit For MK7/A3/S3

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