Product Description

Spulen Catch Can Drain Kit

Save time draining your catch can with this new Spulen kit. Works on any catch can with a 1/4 NPT drain port. 

Comes with everything you need to convert your catch can drain kit from ordinary to ultimate. You will no longer have to remove the catch can to drain or have any messy spills. 

The semi-clear, oil resistant macro line will make it easy to see the oil draining from the catch can. Use the included zip ties to route the line to underneath the skid plate. Now to drain your catch can, you will simply have to place a container under your vehicle lines up where the macro line comes out, then turn the knob. 


  • 1/4 NPT easy drain valve (Push-to-Connect)
  • 4 feet of semi-clear Macro Polyethylene 
  • Pre-installed teflon tape
  • 4 Zip ties

Installation should take about 5 minutes. 

*Universal product, may require modification to fit your car

Spulen Catch Can Drain Kit

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