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Product Description

Air is the driving force behind your engine. The more air your engine takes in, the more power it will produce. On turbocharged engines such as the 1.8T and 2.0T generation 3 TSI engine, air is drawn in through the turbocharger. Once air enters the turbocharger it is compressed and pressurized before going into the engine. In order to get more air into these engines, you must first get more air into the turbocharger.

The Spulen High Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe replaces the factory plastic inlet pipe on the turbocharger, with a larger diameter and smoother transitions; the turbocharger is able to draw in more air. More air into the turbo equals more air into the engine. Constructed from high temperature 4 ply silicone, the Spulen Turbo Inlet Pipe is both stronger and more durable than the factory plastic inlet. CNC’d adapters are incorporated in order to connect the inlet pipe to the turbocharger, PCV system, and intake system. The included CNC’d compressor adapter features a smooth gradual transition to allow maximum airflow into the turbocharger. All connections on the silicone hose feature recessed transitions to the silicone hose to allow uninterrupted airflow.

Spulen High Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe- MQB

SKU: 8680