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Product Description

The SPULEN Quick Change Short Shifter allows you to shorten the throw needed to shift gears. By shortening the shift throw, shift times will decrease during spirited and daily driving. The Quick Change Shifter is completely adjustable so you can customize the throw to your preference. In a few moments you can reduce your shift throw by up to 40% or anywhere in between. 

The body of the Quick Change Shifter is constructed out of laser cut steel and then plated, providing both a durable and corrosion resistant piece. While the shifter posts are CNC'D stainless steel to provide an exact fit to the factory shifter cable. Each kit includes 3 different shifter posts to accommodate all variations of the 6 speed transmission


Quick Change Shifter

Retaining Post: Ball

Retaining Post: 8.3mm

Retaining Post: 9.9mm

Retaining Nut

Retaining Clips and bushing

Application Notes: Fits all 6spd 02M and 02Q transmissions

SPULEN Quick Change Short Shifter - 6spd (Side to Side)

SKU: 3770