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Steel is stronger than brass, and nowhere is that more evident than inside your VW 6-speed manual transmission. VW uses shift forks with problematic brass parts. Under enthusiastic use brass forks can — and do — break, and when they fail, your car is likely to be stuck in gear. A broken shift fork (see the photos on this page) means opening your transmission to replace the broken part. And failure means you’re likely to be stranded.

USP Motorsports thinks it’s a waste of time and money — countless hours of your time, and potentially hundreds of dollars in labor — to replace the undesirable OEM shift forks with more of the same. Why invite a second failure by installing an identical part that falls short of your needs? Instead, install USP steel shift forks.

USP Fork Shift Advantages

With a USP shift fork, you get:

  • The strength of steel instead of the vulnerability of brass
  • Durable welding instead of a problematic OEM riveted assembly
  • A perfect fit, so there’s no decline in performance

A USP steel fork is available for the 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th shift in your 6-speed manual transmission. Do both forks at once and potentially you’ll save time and money.

Timely Shifter Upgrade

It’s foolish to wait until you have a problem. You drive your tuned VW hard, and failure of an OEM brass shifter fork always looms. Perform this transmission upgrade now to fortify your transmission, preventing breakage at the worst possible time.

Replacing gear forks is a smart upgrade to do when you’re dropping the tranny for other work, such as installing a performance clutch and flywheel. That saves even more time and prevents duplication of some work.

USP forks fit either the 02M or 02Q VW 6 speed transmission. Go to “Choose Your Vehicle” on this page to help ensure the parts fit your model.

IMPORTANT: When you install shifting forks in a 2004+ VW 6 speed transmission, you must replace a one-time-use transmission cap for 2009+ models with a 02Q 6-speed, or this cap for 02M or 02Q 6-speed transmissions. You’ll also need a tube of silicone sealant to seal between certain parts where no gasket is used. Add them to your order before checkout.

Steel 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th Gear Shift Fork 6spd Transmission Upgrade For 02M / 02Q

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