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Product Description

TyrolSports revolutionary new Rigid Caliper Sliders prevent the caliper flex inherent in the stock rubber-bushed design. This flex leads to uneven pad wear and rotor deposits under hard usage. An inexpensive way to upgrade the feel/performance of the stock brake system. Track tested and mother approved! 100% stainless steel rings are now standard on all kits. One bushing kit will cover both front calipers. The rear calipers do not need improvement on VW/Audi models.

We have revised our popular brake caliper kit to now feature elongated bushings with a dust cap. This will allow more protection from the elements, especially for those of us living in the “salt belt”. All of the same great features are retained with the new design, including the price. And don’t think we skimped out on any materials. These dust caps feature a durometer hardness of 88A, as well as being able to withstand temperatures of 446 F (230 C) for up to 10 minutes. What does this mean? If you think you can melt them, you’ve lost your brakes three laps ago.

Note: The MK4 R32 bushing kit is an exclusive fit to the MK4 R32 brake caliper, and is not interchangable with other calipers. The dust cap version is not yet available for the MK4 R32. Please contact us if you are looking for the new style bushings for the MK4 R32.

TyrolSport Brake Caliper Stiffening Kit For MK4 R32