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Product Description

The radiator on your car is designed to reduce the temperature of coolant that circulates throughout the engine. The factory does a sufficient job at reducing temperatures on a factory car. However, on modified cars which have increased horsepower and are driven in race conditions, the factory radiator can fall short. This upgraded radiator features an all aluminum construction, increased volume, and increased flow. 


For MK5-MK6 chassis FSI Engine

Guaranteed to reduce excessively high water temperatures cause by larger aftermarket intercoolers

All aluminum construction

25% increase in fluid volume

20-25% decrease in radiator outlet temperatures

Will fit with the largest aftermarket intercooler designs without modification

Continuous track and street testing during development

Precision fit leak-free hose ends designed for OEM connections

Straight forward installation

100% designed and manufactured in the USA



Technical Specifications:

- Core Dimensions 1.5”/1.875” x 18.0” x 25.0”

- Single row (tube-width 1.45”)

- Louvered Fins

- Fin-Thickness .0065”

- 12 Fins per inch

- Vacuum brazed

- Internal Volume 1.474 liters

- Up to 25 psig Operating Pressure

TyrolSport Upgraded Aluminum Radiator For FSI