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Product Description

USP is proud to offer another worlds first, a true cold air intake system for the MK6 Jetta 2.5L. Constructed of 3" mandrel bent aluminum piping the USP intake is a high flowing, light weight intake solution. Designing an intake for the MK6 Jetta was no easy task. In order to accommodate an intake system componenets such as the power steering reservoir and automatic transmission computer needed to be relocated. USP designed brackets to relocate these components. The result is a complete intake system. Installation can be completed in about 1 hour and requires no special tools. 


- Power gains of up to 12hp and 14 ft/lbs of torque at the wheels

- 3" aluminum construction

- True cold air intake

- Pre-oiled air filter



- 3" intake pipe

- Air filter & bracket

- Silicone coupler & clamps

- Power steering reservoir bracket

- Automatic Transmission Computer Bracket (Automatic transmission version)


Optional: Breather filter (Required on vehicles w/secondary air pump)

USP: Cold Air Intake System (Automatic Transmission) For VW MK6 Jetta 2.5L

SKU: 5036