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USP Titanium Line


How serious are you about performance? USP Motorsports presents Titanium wheel bolts for your VW, Audi and Porsche applications. 


Titanium bolts are 50% lighter than the typical steel bolt, providing your vehicle with a lower rotating mass. This results in a quicker acceleration all around, and lowers overall fuel consumption. The weight savings in the rotating mass  are equally important as lightweight wheels, but at a fraction of the cost. The weight savings can be compared to a stationary weight reduction in the vehicle of approximately 35-40lbs in most cars. Corrosion resistant and strength tested makes these a must have for any performance enthusiasts. Built with approximately 42% more pressure than a steel bolt, the strength is significantly upgraded. USP Motorsports is heavily into performance upgrades, and we use titanium bolts on all of our shop cars. Including our 1/4 record breaking Audi S4 and GT2 Porsche. 


USP Titanium Ball Seat Wheel Bolt - 37mm

SKU: 17797